Monday, March 14, 2011

U Jam

Welcome back!

This time around, I would like to to talk about a new Website that came to my attention last week. UJAM is a site that will let students record their voices (singing or talking) and put their voices to music. This video will probably give a better description:

Pretty cool huh? Now, am I going to start singing my lectures to my classes. Doubtful! Lucky for them too. But, I can see where this might have some applications in class. It is an easy way to record your voice online. You don't have to put a soundtrack to it, but maybe some light background music might be nice. Students could record vocabulary terms and definitions? Narrative or explanations of projects posted online? I am sure there are many more creative uses that I haven't even thought of. However, if it looks good, try it out. The basic package is free, just create a login.

Good luck!