Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Desktop Publishing Meets Rock and Roll

If you teach desktop publishing and design, or just a little Publisher as part of an applications class, and need a fun and challenging project for your students, I have a fun book for you. Try Concert Tour Desktop Publisher. As Business Education Publishing's Website says, "In this new and exciting simulation, your students get to take their desktop publishing skills on stage as they create and design a series of documents for their own concert tour band."

I have used this simulation with my DTP classes for the last four years with positive reviews. As stated above, students need to create documents for their fictional band as they journey from the garage to a big-time record deal. Students will create such things as a business card, letterhead, concert poster, CD cover, and much more. Along the way, students are helped out by the book's example band Stonehenge.

Let your students show you the fantastic skills they have developed in your class by completing this simulation and showcase their work.

Give it a try and see what you think! 


Monday, November 7, 2011

Stay Organized with Dropbox

As technology advances and invades every aspect of our lives, I am sure that many of you are like me and tend to accumulate "computer-type" devices. At last count, I have an iTouch, iPhone, iPad, Windows laptop, two HP desktops at work (one in the classroom and one in my office), and a Mac sitting in my living room. I use different devices for different things, but ultimately, I want access to my important documents that I am working with on any of these devices; at any time. To do this, I use Dropbox. Complimentary video explanation below:

There is also an updated video on the Dropbox Website for those of you who enjoy Lee Lefever's work. Any how, I have used drop box for about six month's now and have found it to be fabulous. I like being able to "drop" something in a folder at work, edit it at home, and maybe review it while waiting for my daughter to finish her dance class. If you collaborate with others, there is also a share feature that is very useful. If you use multiple devices and like to stay organized, try it out. Dropbox is easy, free, and comes with a lot of storage.