Monday, November 7, 2011

Stay Organized with Dropbox

As technology advances and invades every aspect of our lives, I am sure that many of you are like me and tend to accumulate "computer-type" devices. At last count, I have an iTouch, iPhone, iPad, Windows laptop, two HP desktops at work (one in the classroom and one in my office), and a Mac sitting in my living room. I use different devices for different things, but ultimately, I want access to my important documents that I am working with on any of these devices; at any time. To do this, I use Dropbox. Complimentary video explanation below:

There is also an updated video on the Dropbox Website for those of you who enjoy Lee Lefever's work. Any how, I have used drop box for about six month's now and have found it to be fabulous. I like being able to "drop" something in a folder at work, edit it at home, and maybe review it while waiting for my daughter to finish her dance class. If you collaborate with others, there is also a share feature that is very useful. If you use multiple devices and like to stay organized, try it out. Dropbox is easy, free, and comes with a lot of storage.

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