Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Google's App Inventor for Android

I usually don't talk a lot of programming on this blog, but I do actually teach it, so what the heh. Google has done it again. Try App Inventor for Android in your programming or math class! Watch obligatory YouTube video below:

Now, for some of the facts. This is still just a Beta version. But, if you are a teacher (or student) interested in programming or programming smart phone apps, this is a great place to start. You need to sign up to receive information on how to get started with App Inventor for Android. I signed up, downloaded/installed Android, set up the Android Extras, and I was soon completing the first tutorial shown in the video. Don't worry if you don't actually have an Android phone, the Android Extras download includes a phone emulator (fancy jargon for a fake digital version of a phone) to test your apps on.

Like I said, I just finished the first tutorial and am starting on the next one. I teach Computer Programming in the Spring and this could be a great tool to use with students. There is a wealth of information at the App Inventor Site and if you are a visual learner try searching YouTube for tutorial videos. There are a ton!

I will follow-up in a few months after I have more time to work with App Inventor.


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