Saturday, April 14, 2012

My Big Campus: CMS Products Finale

Here we are again talking about Course Management Systems (CMS) and this time we are delving into a product called My Big Campus. I first became aware of My Big Campus when I saw my daughter logging into it in 6th grade to do a bonus math problem that her teacher had posted there. How cool is that I thought! Not only that my daughter is going online at home to do a math problem, but the platform being used. Here is the promo video:

Once again, as we have seen with Edmodo and Schoology. My Big Campus feels like Facebook. A lot of chances for colaboration between students. Calendar feature, quiz feature, etc. Very good product. Can't go wrong using it. Give it a try.

[Edit: I got the video wrong above. The promo video from Lightspeed Systems can be found here. The above video was made by Matthew Kitchens. Thanks for the heads up!]


  1. Paul and Todd,
    Glad you think highly of My Big Campus. I've used it for two years, and I love it. The video above is not the official promo released by Lightspeed Systems. In May 2011, I created the video you listed. At that time, my own district planned a roll out of My Big Campus in August 2011. Prior to the roll out, district administration asked me to train teachers on the uses of My Big Campus. I created the above video as promo to my training sessions. I sought to generate excitement about My Big Campus among colleagues. Here is an official Lightspeed Systems promo about My Big Campus:

    1. Thanks for the heads up Matt and the correct link. Nice job on the video! My daughter's really like the use by their teachers. Great product.

  2. Whats the benefits of using My Big Campus vs. Edmodo? We use Edmodo now, wondering if we should do a switch this year?