Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Be Social with Your Bookmarks

When I am searching the Web for information on a topic, I am a bookmarking madman. I find the sites I like, and when I have the time, I try and go back, read the info, and get what I want off of the sites I bookmarked. The problem is that I sometimes to this over three computers, my favorites are never on computer I happen to be working on, and if they are, there are a hundred or so that I need to filter through to find what I need. Social bookmarking is here to help!

You may have heard of Delicious, which was one of the first big social bookmarking sites, but I have been using Diigo lately and really like it. They also have a great video explaining their product. As the video above explains, both of these services are free, keep your bookmarks organized by the use of tags, and allows you to find your bookmarks wherever you happen to be since it is saved on the Web. The thing I like about Diigo is the ability to highlight text or even leave yourself a sticky note so you are easily reminded why you bookmarked the site in the first place. Cool! Of course, the really fun part of these types of social bookmarking is the sharing of your bookmarks. Again, as the video says, you can take advantage of other people's bookmark's and vice versa. Nice!

So, if you are like me and drowning in bookmarks and your favorites are in chaos, try social bookmarking with Diigo or Delicious. Thanks for visiting!

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