Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Getting Van Halen Tickets (28 Years Later)

Sometimes I forget what a convenience the Internet is. How much it has changed the little things in life that we do. Let me tell you all a story. The year was 1984, and my favorite band (along with a lot of other people) was Van Halen. Not Van Halen with Sammy Hagar, but Van Halen with David Lee Roth. I had the albums and cassettes. When the the tour plans for their 1984 album were released, I knew I had to get tickets. Like some cruel trick, tickets went on sale at the local Ticket Master outlet which was located on the second floor of Hudsons at Genesee Valley Mall at 10:00 a.m. Monday morning while I was supposed to be in school. Not to be deterred, by buddy Tom and I skipped school and drove out to the mall in search of tickets. Unfortunately so did a lot of other people. What followed was a desperate mob of people pushing on the doors of Hudsons. The doors broke and a small riot ensued as teens stormed through the department store trying to get to the second floor. Displays were knocked down, people running up the down escalator, craziness! Tom and I made it to within ten people of the ticket window when the concert sold out. Devastated, we left. Never to see Van Halen in concert. Of course, a year later the band broke up and our hopes of catching Van Halen on their next tour disappeared.

Fast-forward 28 years. My friend Dave emails me that there is a Van Halen reunion tour (yes, with David Lee Roth) and tickets go on this weekend. From the comfort of my couch, I simply logged on to the Ticket Master Website, and quickly purchased four tickets to see Van Halen at The Palace on February 20th. Done. Quickly. Easily. No skipping school. No riot at Hudsons. Having the Internet 28 years ago would have really helped me out, but it seems like things are going to work out fine after all.

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